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Look Ma, I made a billboard. Thank you @experimentalestablishments & @baileyhhunter for the find!
If a woman isn't allowed to back out of a pregnancy due to a law, the same should apply to a man asked by meetherfeeckers


I agree 100%. Your point is crucial to ending human abortion. Paternity tests are now possible prenatally after the eighth week of pregnancy by drawing the mother’s blood and are 99.9% accurate. New laws must be passed to require fathers to support their children beginning in the womb, because that’s where fatherhood begins.


Henri Matisse working on The Dance (1910)
"A veces uno amanece con ganas de extinguirse, Rocamadour. Como si fuéramos velitas sobre un pastel de alguien inapetente. A veces nos arden terriblemente los labios y los ojos y nuestras narices se hinchan y somos horribles y lloramos y queremos extinguirnos. Seguro que ahora no comprendes esto, pero cuando seas mayor habrá días en que amanezcas con ganas de que un aliento gigante sople sobre ti, apagándote. Así es la vida, Rocamadour, un constante querer apagarse y encenderse."
Rayuela, Julio Cortázar. (via chicacenizas)

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"Once you stop wanting something, you get it."
Andy Warhol  (via theweaken)

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